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Planning Effective Community Health Education Programs

Practical Experience

One of the most difficult aspects of this part of the practicum was knowing from the onset that the program plan we were developing based on our assessment was likely not "going anywhere" because there was no funding to support it.  I kept asking myself, "What's the point of doing this work if nothing is going to become of it?"  Well, the short answer is the something that became of it is the experience I gained from working with an exceptionally committed and heroic group of people. Through our struggle to find meaning and hope in a societal structure that values the oppression of so many people (over 11,000 women in California state prisons alone) we were able to produce a plan that encourages LSPC to continue to do their wonderful work in spite of those societal values.

Reflective Statement

Program planning is a dish best served with: community participation, a social justice framework, honoring of needs and strengths, a side of theory, inclusive transparency, a pinch of realism (with a dash of vision), a built in evaluation plan, and a heaping of sustainable budget.
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