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Implementing Community Health Programs

Practical Experience

One project that I particularly liked doing was planning a Harm Reduction Training for Sex Workers with two of my classmates, Brad Vanderbilt and Jessica Waggett.   While the project initially was piloted with a group of MPH students in a classroom setting (fun times were had), we conducted the needs assessment at the St. James Infirmary prior to desiging this particular curriculum.  This training has been repeated at St. James numerous times since it's design.  Thanks go out to Brad and Jessica for all their hard work.

Reflective Statement

What was distinct about my experience in this project was that I got the opportunity to work  with two very special and talented fellow MPH students.   Because of my work  at St. James, we were able to  assess the needs of the current community members about which training topics were most appropriate for them and then practice the training on our fellow classmates and professor.  The training was exciting and we were able to engage the entire cohort and introduce theories and practice of harm reduction.  Through this program I have learned the value and importance of responding to the needs of the community.  Moreover, by taking the steps to plan my training programs, I have become a much better trainer-skilled and prepared-and can relax enough to make it interesting for myself and the audience.
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