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Research Principles and Methods

Practical Experience

I was fortunate enough to have worked on several different research projects both before and during my graduate school. Before the MPH program, I worked on three large studies: The Urban Health Study looking at HIV risk of injection drug users in San Francisco; The St. UFU study, a collaboration between the UFO Study and the St. James Infirmary looking at HIV/STI risk of men who have sex with men and inject drugs; and the HOPY Study, a randomized control trial evaluating an enhanced case management program for HIV people transitioning out of county jail.  Shortly after the program started I coordinated an intensive mapping project of street based Sex Work in the City.  These projects prepared me for the evolution from research associate (interviewer) to principle investigator.

Reflective Statement

"Good judgment comes from experience.  Experience comes from bad judgment."  -Mulla Nasrudin

In the last 50 years, society has learned a great deal about ethics in research.  From Tuskegee to prisoners, the applied approach towards the study of communities has undergone radical changes for the better.  More recently, research grounded in principles of community inclusion has been gaining recognition.  For many public health practitioners, research driven by the needs of the community is now embraced as the gold standard for evaluating community health education and prevention programs.   This MPH program taught me those values and ethics through practical application.
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