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Administration Skills

Practical Experience

When I first started volunteering at St. James in 2002 the last thing I imagined is that I would become Executive Director or the organization. There are several things that distinguish my experience at St. James from that of work I have done at other organizations.  St. James is the first truly peer-run organization I have ever had the pleasure of working at; the majority of our staff also receive clinic services.  As a result of this model, we are able define and shape our individual and collective work at the clinic.  It is this aspect that has kept me highly focused on my administrative trajectory at this agency.  Not just the "hum-drum" admin lackey one can imagine shuffling papers in a corner cubicle, removed from the pulse of the community.  My experience as an administrator at St. James has been exceedingly creative and decidedly limitless in applying my potential to work with my community to be the first Occupational Health and Safety Clinic by and for Sex Workers.

Reflective Statement

At first glance this competency seems very dry, unromantic or even common.  But it is quite the opposite.  Administration is the "Pilates" of organizations committed pursuits.  Administration is core and key in facilitating an unwavering pursuit of program goals, strengthening the heart and soul of the organization along the way-the community involved in and reached by the organization.  Requiring diverse skills, a strong sense of commitment and organization, administration is the summit of my stewardship of the St. James Infirmary.
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