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Everday super heroes fighting against the crime of injustice

As a current/former heroin user, I have known and loved many other drug users in my life.  Over the years, I have lost numerous friends to heroin overdoses.  And so have many other people.  In San Francisco, a person dies of a preventable overdose every 3 dyas.  In 1999, I found my boyfriend dead on our bedroom floor from a preventable overdose.  The experience was life changing for me: the grief, the suicidal thoughts, the police response.  All helped shape my work in the area of drug policy reform and harm reduction.

This section is devoted to the people I have worked with over the years who have taught me more than any MPH program ever could.  The taught me to be the change I want to see in the world.

First on my list of heroes is the DOPE Project  This is a group of dedicated individuals who are busting butt to make a difference in helping drug users fight for their right to life.

Next on the list is the Hotties of Harm Reduction.  So much more than a calendar of naked hotties who work with the folks deemed deviant by most of society.  The Hotties of Harm Reduction is an all out  counter culture movement that showcases the public health work that we do "in the trenches."

Roaddawgzis place for youth of the streets to connect with eachother, write and publish stories and learn the value of their own voices.

At the Cross Roads doing outreach to underserved homeless and at risk youth in the Mission and 6th Street inspite of being, shot out (didn't I mention that these folks are committed?)!!

San Francisco Needle Exchange,   Women's Community Clinic and the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center all doing the work of angels hosting the one and only, fun and fabulous, Ladies Night.  If you've ever needed a clean rig and just didn't want to hang with all the hommies to get it, then this is the place for you!

Now I've met some fabulous divas in my life, but the next two are hands down my favorite hookers on this planet.  Scarlot Harlot and the Sacred Whore are two girls you want to spend the night with, check out their blogs and podcasts.  I've worked with Scarlot for over 10 years and the latest work is in collaboration with The Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival, the Desiree Alliance and St. James Infirmary to bring you Whore College.

And finally, the uber-cool heroe award goes to the Aphrodite Project for platforms that can keep a girl protected from a bad day at the office all the while looking swanky sexy slutty but in a cyber hip kinda way.
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