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Leadership Skills

Some people say I am a natural born leader, others say I can be too controlling.  What strikes me about this contradiction is that: 1) I still have a lot to work on; and 2) my assets can also be my defects.  The asset way I practice leadership that I am the most proud of is when I step back and let others lead.  Contributing to cultivating the skills of people around me and allowing their talents and strengths to lead others and myself is truly amazing.  I am so honored to have worked with so many wonderful people and to have watched my fellow MPH students develop into a group of public health super heroes. 

That being said, the next two pages are examples of my modest attempt at balance.  That is "Prof. Presentations and Papers"
(my  ego page or all the wonderful things I have done, etc. etc. also see "Resume") and "Heroes" a page acknowledging all the people in my life who have shown me just what it means to be a leader.
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