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Naomi's Professional Mission

My professional mission is also my personal mission.  As a former/current drug user and Sex Worker I have direct experience with the isolation, discrimination and injustice of being a "criminalized population."  My vision for my community is to the point: healthcare not prisons. Through commitment, hard work and coalition building my life-long goals are:
  1. The end of criminalization for drug users & Sex Workers
  2. Access to Healthcare for all Americans (including dental and mental healthcare)

My daily action steps to achieving this are to:
  • Share my personal experiences with people, a risk I take on a daily basis, to help build understanding and alliances
  • Be a role model for my community
  • Provide compassionate and quality healthcare for my community
  • Serve my community and the public health community by contributing a body of peer-based research that honors and acknowledges peoples agency
  • Honor myself and have fun strengthening my community

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